General Guidelines and Instructions

a) Stories should relate to experiences related to early childhood through grade 12.
b) For privacy reasons please use substitute names for people and institutions involved.
c) Maximum number of words per story is 600.
d) If possible, please include a photo. You can do so in two ways: 1) by uploading it to google drive or dropbox and sharing the link with us, or 2) email a file directly to

Our Review Process:

All submissions are reviewed before posting on our website. To expedite matters, have a friend or colleague proof your story before submitting.

We reserve the right to edit up to 20% of the story if we determine there are grammatical errors or if certain passages are incoherent. We also reserve the right reject a submission if it appears to be offensive or does not meet our other guidelines.

As the author of a submitted story, you can request that your story be removed from the Hearts Speak site at any time.

Types of stories we are currently accepting:
1) Teacher, parent, and student stories related to the following theme:

“Transformations in children’s lives that can only happen when there is a heart connection between teachers and students.”

2)Teachers’ stories about innovation, creativity, and/or breakthrough moments with students.
3) Administrators’ stories about situations when harmony prevailed in the faculty and/or parent body.
4) Students’ stories about their favorite teacher or teachers and their special qualities.
5) Parents’, Guardians’, or Grandparents’ stories about teachers who have won their respect and trust, and why.
6) Parents’, Guardians’, or Grandparents’ stories about a child’s joyful experience of school. 

Preparing Your Story:
You must submit your story in one session. This program does not provide the option of saving partially completed stories. Therefore, we suggest you write out your story to your satisfaction in a separate file first, then copy the entire text and paste it into the designated box below.
We encourage you to submit a photo or graphic in jpg format, which will accompany your story on our website. You can submit a link at the end of your story to a photo or photos saved on dropbox or google drive. Alternately, you can send a jpg photo file to glambATthecenterforsocialresearchDOTorg.

Submitting Your Story: