by Hector Cabral

One day my son, a second grader, came home from school very eager to find canned food and hygiene products to take to his classroom the next day because the teacher had asked all the students to bring some goods for a charity project. With enthusiasm, he searched the pantry and the cabinet and took pretty much all the extra canned food and hygiene products we had. As he was putting them in the bag he said, “I wish I could see the happy faces of the people that would receive all the donations from my classroom. I hope everyone brings something.”

The next morning, as he was getting ready to go to school, his mother asked him if he wanted his name on the bag so people would know where to take it in case he lost it in Morning Care. He replied, offended, “Mr. Demanett said that we do not need to write our names in the bags or tell anyone what we are giving because it is not about what we are giving, but about giving it with our heart.”

Hearing my son speak from his heart, and knowing that his teacher, besides teaching him to read and write, was also teaching him to become a caring person, was very fulfilling. I felt very blessed and grateful to know that my son was being guided to become not only a competent member of our society, but also a compassionate human being.

To conclude, the connection that my son has with his teacher is more than a teacher-to-child connection, it is a soul-to-soul connection that shows the love, respect, and reverence for who his teacher is, what his teacher represents, and what his teacher says. For me as a parent, knowing that my son is nurtured not only as a student but also as a human being makes me feel like the wealthiest person in the world, because my son has what money can’t buy.

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